What Next Modeling

This is an engaging, empowering process to help school leadership teams make the best decisions when planning for going back to school in September.

Because of Covid-19, going back to school will be different. Acceptance of that will empower leaders to think about school differently; with creativity and innovation. 

The aim of this framework is to help adapt to this new reality by first transforming your thinking, bias, and to then to plan utilizing a modeling process. This will empower you to go from ideas of what the future may hold to implementing a full-scale change with little or no time for staff and families to adjust to these new educational realities. 

Ambiguous at best, this is an opportune time to think through changes in your schools and bring out the best in your programs.

Being that we are in an ambiguous time, your leadership challenge is to learn these skills that will create certainty. These things are certain; we will go back to school, we will be prepared, things will change, and we will lead those changes, we are smart, wise and know the answers to our dilemmas.

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