Leadership Development

Leaders have to negotiate a world where they are pulled in multiple directions by demands to meet the bottom-line, increased accountability, and having to respond to changing mandates and growing needs of clients. We recognize how the world has changed and what competencies are needed to lead in this new world such as: change management, awareness of presence in fostering others to lead, successfully leading diverse teams, attending to group dynamics, responding to resistance to change, and power dynamics.

USE People Groups

Working in Real-Time with Senior Leadership Teams

The goal of working in real-time with leaders and their teams is that team building activities occur while doing relevant work. The benefits are two-fold: you don’t loose precious working time and we know that sustainable learning occurs in the moment between team members. Our role is to observe, look for patterns and inhibitors of communication, and provide feedback to the group for discussion and action. Most of the emphasis will be on the dynamics of the group-as-a-whole, while also attending to the teams’ impact on the individual members. 

gestaltworks’ approach differs from basic leadership development in that we use a learning and discovery approach, in real- time, in which the team chooses what to work on. We believe that the team has the solutions on how to best operate and it is our role to unearth that. Also, we attend to your organizational culture, so the interventions are much more relevant and tailored to the specific needs of the team.

Team and Group Development

Working with teams and groups has now become the way organizations get work done. Teams are essential for the delivery of product, process and significant change. We use an experiential team process that encourages exploration through dialogue and the use of experimentation as a learning tool. We seek to raise awareness of both well-developed and underdeveloped skills and competencies to support teams in finding their own solutions.

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