Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) evaluations, initiatives and trainings are tailored to organizational policies and behaviors in order to maximize effectiveness. Our research and experiences have shown that change processes are most effective when they are dynamic, dialectical and highly collaborative.

Using an approach that incorporates gestalt theory and data-driven methodology, gestaltworks aims to create a deep understanding of the current thoughts, practices and attitudes of individuals and organizations.


We employ a pragmatic and data-driven approach to understand current policies, thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes of organizations and their employees that may impact equity and inclusion. Additionally, we utilize a highly collaborative methodology that engages all areas and people of the organization.

In collaboration with each organization, we develop both qualitative and quantitative evaluations to identify areas of strength and growth that we use to create targeted recommendations, strategic plans and interventions. Additionally, the evaluations can also be used as benchmarking protocols for organizations to evaluation themselves over time.

Evaluation Aims:
• Poised for planning, organization specific interventions, internal task force development and training protocols.
• Create vitality of the evaluation and intervention process through organizational collaboration and awareness.
• Develop deeper understanding of current thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and policies impacting DEI related issues.
• Provide scaffolding for internally benchmarking progress over time.

Planning Forward

Using the information obtained from the evaluation, we offer a proven planning process that helps provide direction and energy towards developing a sustainable DEI framework.

We utilize a highly collaborative planning process that supports the development of frameworks for internal DEI programming (trainings, mentoring programs etc.), task forces and councils, benchmarking and accountability.

What’s next?
• Framework of next steps
• Resource commitments

DEI Training

We have spent the last 10+ years researching, developing and conducting DEI, organizational culture and communication trainings. We have a wide offering of targeted interventions and educational seminars that we conduct. Typically we determine what trainings/learnings are best based on the data gleaned from the evaluation process.

Sample training/learning topics:
• Social Identity
• Implicit Bias
• Communication and trust
• Allyship
• Social identity threat and coping
• Productive confrontation
• Common identity

Equity Coaching

We take a gestalt approach to equity coaching that considers the whole of the client when helping develop a deeper awareness of identity dynamics and systemic inequities. Utilizing deep questioning, experimentation and embodied awareness, we help clients develop a deep understanding of their own identity, recognize hidden assumptions of themselves and others and identify strategies towards growth.

Coaching can support the development of communication, implicit bias awareness, healthy confrontation, challenging systemic inequities, allyship, deep reflections on one’s own privilege, and coping with and confronting one’s own internalized stigmatization.