Our services reflect a deep commitment to partnership and ongoing communication. The range of services is broad, focusing on the point of greatest impact -- individual, team or your whole organization.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team and Group Development
  • Organization Development
  • Training
  • Research, Data Analysis and Visualization

How We Work

We have a proven record of helping organizations increase productivity and build sustainable outcomes.

We Mobilize Organizations

We know that organizations are complex systems that must constantly adapt in order to thrive. We also know that each organization is unique and benefits from a consultation that is specifically suited to its particular challenges. We work with leaders and their staff to explore possibilities, clarify goals, and implement solutions that will help them build the dynamic organizations that they envision.

People Working

We Welcome Change

We use today's uncertain climate as an opportunity. Whether dealing with leadership transitions, reformulating strategic plans, or working towards the deepest kind of transformational change, we help systems free up misdirected energy, rediscover their creativity and optimism, and provide coaching and consultation that encourages the organization to become its own source of renewal and inspiration.

We Foster a Leader in Every Chair

We recognize the value of great leadership. In today's environment, strong, united leadership and a clear vision is critical to galvanize people and guide them unflinchingly through turbulence and change. A leader’s ability to communicate a clear sense of direction with a direct implementation strategy helps people make sense of what they do at work, improving productivity and efficiency and strengthening resolve and focus.

USE Stickies People

We Support Committed Work Communities

The key to true commitment and sustainable performance improvement requires involvement, participation, conversation, and ongoing dialogue at every level of the organization. We help organizations implement techniques to improve communication and participation across the organization, strengthening overall satisfaction, ownership, and effectiveness.