At gestaltworks, we bring a unique approach to coaching and organization development. 

In addition to working as individuals, we seamlessly work as a pair, equipping Business + Non-Profit leaders across all industry types with the right questions + insights to implement objectives, leading to increased engagement, higher retention, and better productivity.

Located in the heart of New Hope, Pennsylvania, our expertise cuts across business and executive coaching, strategic planning, team building, and organization development.

Impacts We Make

We impact by supporting leaders and organizations to flex + adapt through deep engagement + dialogue.

At the heart of our work is Gestalt theory, an insightful and thoughtfully developed approach for senior leaders, HR, and C-Suite executives.

It is an approach designed to help leaders at every level shape organizational dynamics, generate meaningful engagement and personal satisfaction, grow outstanding teams, enable and facilitate effective change and organizational success.

Our clients include local, Fortune 50, and two of the most important tech and healthcare companies on the planet. We drive our work by an inquiry model, a deep understanding of people and organizational behavior.

Visit our GESTALT page to learn more about our approach.