The Process Includes:

  • 1-1

    Reasons for Coaching + 360 Process

  • 2-2

    Setting Goals

  • 3-3


  • 4-4

    Self Observation + Feedback

  • 5-5

    Re-evaluation and New Steps

  • 6-6

    Integration and Closure


Expectations for results are higher than they have ever been and yet research has shown that almost half of Senior-level leaders can benefit from coaching in communication and interpersonal skills to better manage and relate to others. Development through coaching is the most successful approach for skill development, as well as to build leadership and teams, strategic thinking, and organizational abilities.



We coach to support and develop leaders, teams, managers, employees and coaches. Coaching is an ongoing process designed to gain greater competence and overcome barriers that may be getting in the way. Coaching is the most successful way to develop and experiment with new skills because it is experiential and experimental. Our focus is on the coaching relationship, in the moment, while holding to the objectives of the client. We work with real time work opportunities and challenges that may be preventing productivity and satisfaction of the individual, their direct reports and the organization as a whole. Transformations occur when coaching is approached as a way to support and develop rather than remedial.

We use today's uncertain climate as an opportunity. Whether working through leadership transitions, reformulating strategic plans, or working towards the deepest kind of transformational change, we help leaders free up misdirected energy, rediscover their creativity and optimism, and provide coaching that encourages the organization to become its own source of renewal and inspiration.

Our experiential coaching process encourages exploration through dialogue and the use of experimentation as a learning tool. We seek to raise awareness of both well-developed and underdeveloped skills and support individuals and teams in making better choices.